Voice actor visits City Day to discuss confident public speaking

As you get older, you’re going to have to do presentations, whether you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, actor, engineer — whatever you end up doing, you will have to talk to people,” said Lizzie Waterworth, an accomplished voice actor who has performed in beloved animated shows like Bob the Builder and Horrid Henry. “More importantly, if you want to make change in the world, be a change maker … you have to be good at speaking.

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Cardiff Animation Festival

Lizzie Waterworth-Santo is a BAFTA nominated voice actor, playing characters in over 1,000 cartoon episodes in shows aired across the globe and, most recently, starring in the British stop-motion feature film Strike as Mungo, the mole with a goal.

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Horrid Henry's Voice Actor's Top Tips for Being at Home

Hear from the voice behind Horrid Henry as Lizzie Waterworth-Santo gives us her top recommendations for films, games and TV that's guaranteed to keep you entertained at home and stay out of any horrid trouble. We want to know what you've been watching and playing at home to keep your family entertained, let us know at so we can share your recommendations with the world and you might get a shoutout from Henry or other celebrities!

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What to watch with your kids

“Strike” is a British stop-motion animation movie about a young mole named Mungo (voiced by Lizzie Waterworth) who dreams of being a footballer but seems destined for a career as a miner. The humor ranges from subtle jokes and sight gags to slapstick scenes and potty jokes (burps, farts, etc.).

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