Lizzie Waterworth

Lizzie Waterworth is a British Academy Film & Television Award (BAFTA) Nominated Voice Artist, author and an international speaker, with a passion to help children and adults to unlock their potential, offering tools and tips to help others gain confidence in speaking and communicating more confidently in front of others, based on her almost 20-yearcareer of voicing in television.

Lizzie had her first break into animation voiceovers aged 22, and has been voicing award winning cartoons and video games ever since, including the lead role of Horrid Henry in the 4 x BAFTA nominated show, as well as characters in many well-known children’s cartoons and video games, such as the 8 x Daytime Emmy Award nominated show The Backyardigans (UK version), international Emmy Award nominated Mush Mush & the Mushables (HBO) and multi award winning game It Takes Two. In 2019 she was one ofonly a few voice artists to ever be nominated for a BAFTAaward for Best Performer.

When she’s not in a recording studio, Lizzie speaks and runs workshops at schools and workplaces in England, Europe, and the United States. She spoke most recently at the Yale University School of Management, where she has helpedmany people overcome their nerves about speaking in public in a unique, fun, and engaging way toward becoming confident, effective and powerful speakers.

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